Spouse heartbroken after body of Jamaican British woman discovered in shallow grave in St. Mary

The spouse of a Jamaican British woman who was killed and buried in St. Mary, has stated that he is heart broken at reports of her death , according to British media reports.

The reports say 56-year-old, Andy Kane, had feared the worst, and those fears were realised when the body of 44-year-old beautician, Karen Cleary-Brown was exhumed from a shallow grave, in the Boscobel Housing Scheme, on Monday (December 3).

According to the reports , Cleary Brown, had been reported as missing a week before, and following investigations, police found inconsistencies in the statements given by the man, who reported her missing.That man, who is said to be an associate of Cleary Brown, was later arrested, and is expected to be charged soon.

He reportedly confessed to the murder, and led cops to the grave.

A post mortem to determine the cause of her death, is yet to be done.

According to reports in British press yesterday, Kane posted a message on Facebook that police had a suspect in custody, that dogs were being used to search the property, and that he did not believe this is going to end well, even while hoping he would be proved wrong.

Its further reported that he later made another post, to let people know that Cleary’s body had been found buried in the garden of the dream home they were building together and that Cleary had been that shining star in his world for over 13 years, and now that world has turned very dark.

According to the reports he noted that the arrested suspect has been described as a labourer who was working on her home.